Thermal Imaging is now available to show where the moister is hiding even in the walls

Disaster Restoration Cleaning llc.

Flooded Basement Specialist

First call us.

 Second take pictures.

Start documenting losses.

Important Take as many pictures as possible Emergency Water Removal


With Today's technology their are now ways to remove the water with out removing all the money from your wallet.

We Service Homes, Commercial Properties, Retail Business and Offices No job is to small or large for us to handle.

Dr Cleaning is also National Certified for water remediation 

We use one of the most powerful vacuum systems ever made along with a tool designed to remove water from the Carpet Padding and Sub-Flooring with out removing any carpets or padding for clean water emergencies

In most cases we can dry a rooms without  hassles  We use Sub Floor drying equipment  Fans, Dehumidifiers, Air Scrubbers for the fastest drying service around.

This is what happens when you leave wet carpets for to long


We are now offering complete service from removal of water and infected areas to rebuilding and restoring property back to better then new condition .

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We work with all Insurance Companies

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We also do complete restoration and remediation from small homes
 to 100,000 sq ft businesses.
 Rentals all the restoration equipment Available

Phone: (856)428-1044

This Is My basement a Before and 24 hour later. Most equipment should run for 4 days from August 2011